'I can also confirm it’s where you’ll find some of the most stylish, entertaining, clever and funny women in London.'  Rebecca Holman, The Telegraph

big girls paradise

A big girls paradise


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Be Part of the Team!



Over the past few months, I've had a lot of people asking if we have any jobs available.


Well, we're now on the look out for NEW members of Team Indulge! So if you're an outgoing, chatty, friendly person who has no problems with asking strangers for pictures, can hang a coat up, stroke my hair and tell me 'Everything will be ok', and would like some Actual Monies for being Generally Fabulous, then send an email to info@club-indulge.co.uk


You don't have to have previous experience, but preference is always given to people who have been before, and that we know - and we're very easy to know! Just come up and say Hi!


But if you're also the type that's been wanting to come, but just a bit too shy to come by yourself but EXCELS when you have a job to do, then maybe you won't be too bad either! But what I DONT want is someone who I have to keep saying 'Go on...talk to people....'. I'm afraid you're going to have to have balls of steel and a mouth to match.


Hours - 9pm - 2am

Pay - £30


We are looking for a budding photographer for our events, starting on the 14th February. No experience is necessary, just the cajones to be able to walk up to strangers and ask for their picture. You will need your own professional equipment - SLR camera & flash.


It would help if you have worked as a club photographer before and can send samples of your pictures and CV to info@club-indulge.co.uk.